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New Moon Crystal Candle

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The New Moon emanates energies of new beginnings, new opportunities for starting over, a great time to plant your seeds and create new intentions. The New Moon is a reminder about what we are capable of achieving and manifesting anything we want and a reminder that with each New Moon we have a new opportunity to reach that dream. 

Our New Moon crystal candles are poured only during the New Moon´s Influence That's why you may find they are out of stock sometimes. This candle features an in-house signature blend of Dark Mus, Amber, and Geranium. 

Intentions: Transformation - New Beginnings - Renewal - Unblocking
Crystal: Smoky Quartz
Candle Magick: 
Black is a powerful color in astrology and magic, and a candle of such color influences self-control, patience, endurance, and protection.


All The Elements in Astral Candles are purposely used to achieve the desired magick and intentions, please advise they are not simple decorations but intentionally used elements.

Highest Grade Crystals ☆ 100% Soy Wax ☆ Certified Organic Herbs ☆ Vegan
Burn Time 30 to 40 hrs - 8 Ounces Tin Can with Lid