Frequently Asked Questions

Which class is right for me?

Aerial Unwind is our slow stretchy class, and great for first time aerial students. Start with Aerial Technique or Aerial Yoga if you want a class that is more active but still beginner level.

Try Aerial Strength for beginner level poses at a fast pace for conditioning.

After you feel comfortable with those, try Aerial Yoga + Play.

Aerial Level Up requires teacher approval.

Our teachers give options to work on as you progress, so don't expect to get every move right away. It's all about trying something new, getting strong and having fun along the way.


Where do I park?

The parking garage entrance is on Davis Street. Look for the sign that says RETAIL V|P PARKING. Park near Retail Elevator 3. Take the elevator to level one, we're to the left down the breezeway.


What should I wear?

Close fitting apparel, as loose fabric will get in the way. We recommend leggings and full coverage tops (not shorts or crop tops), until you're comfortable moving in the hammock. It can be easy to get rope burns while you're first learning poses!

No shoes, watches, jewelry or zippers that could snag the hammock. Yes, this includes Apple Watches and FitBits. Permanent jewelry will need to be covered with bandage tape.


Should I bring anything else?

A water bottle to keep next to your mat! We have a filtered water station but do not provide disposable cups. Plastic-free aluminum bottled is available for purchase.

We provide mats for free, so bringing your own is optional.


Can I show up a little late?

Warming up is essential for a positive aerial experience.

For the safety and enjoyment of all students, we do not allow late arrival, and ask that you arrive 5 minutes before class start time. Doors are locked at start time.

Please arrive 10 minutes early for your very first class to allow time to read and sign our waiver, and for a brief studio introduction.


What if I miss or cancel?

As long as you cancel 4 hours or more before start time, you're all set.

Failure to attend, or cancelling less than 4 hours in advance, will result in one class from your account being marked as used, just as if you attended class.

If you are using a membership or unlimited offer, the no-show fee is $10 and late cancel fee is $5, which will be charged automatically.


Can I bring my kid?

Our classes are for ages 18+ and designed for adults to get a workout. We also do not provide daycare services and children are not allowed into the studio to watch class.