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amber rose by Hīkishémé

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aroma | dark spice, vanilla, wood

key ingredients | rose, geranium, white tea, ginger, vanilla blended in citrus, lavender and jasmine tinctures

the story | imagine a night out. wardrobe is sexy with dark colors. on your slow walk to meet your partner, you take time and notice the scents swirling around you. you are in a clear and relaxed state of mind. life is simple, easy and loving tonight. arrive to the location and open the door. a crowded restaurant blends the many voices and you see your partner. as you walk over you smell a combination of spices and as you get closer, you look at one another and start laughing. dive in for that kiss.

potion of the which | heighten your pheromones, love spell

colors | maroon/red/violet/crimson/black

pairings | red wine, steak or beets

mood | romantic, dark, mysterious, sexy

before bed | increased sensuality

Hīkishémé perfume | suitable for all skin, 100% natural ingredients, formulated without added sulphates, parabens, phthalates or synthetic fragrance

10 ml.