Aerial Alchemy

A mixture of restorative positions on the floor and in the hammock, with chakra harmonizing energy work. Complete the experience with a floating savasana while vibrating to the sounds of crystal alchemy singing bowls and other healing instruments. Props, crystals, essential oils are utilized throughout class.

Aerial Flexibility

Increase flexibility in range of motion using the aerial hammock. Class focus alternates between upper body and lower body every other week to allow plenty of time to achieve a deep stretch. See schedule for which when you sign up.

​Aerial Level Up

​This workshop-style class is designed to boost confidence, and invigorate body and mind. A brief warm-up focuses on aerial alignment. Then you’re ready to create beautiful shapes in the hammock, progressing toward more challenging poses. Advanced class. Teacher approval required.​

Aerial Strength

Build strength and endurance, and improve coordination in this fast paced aerial conditioning class. Options given for various levels to increase the challenge over time. Never get bored! Great for athletic beginners through advanced students.

Aerial Technique​

Great for active beginners and aerial connoisseurs alike! Gain skills while covering alignment fundamentals: core engagement, joint stabilization and dynamic flexibility. Learn circus-inspired tricks and maintain good habits that will help in all aerial formats. Group fitness experience recommended.

​Aerial Unwind

An active recovery class consisting of gentle stretching, breath exercises and rest. Stretches progress from mild movements to long holds, releasing tension. Pranayama, yogic breathing, centers the mind. A long savasana provides time for deep relaxation.

Aerial Yoga

Take your practice to the sky with the aerial hammock. Find a new challenge flowing with the fabric and breath, stretch out and spend time upside down. End class floating in a restful cocoon. Leave feeling renewed!

Aerial Yoga + Play

Get a little bit of everything in Blue Feather's signature class! Thoughtful aerial yoga sequencing prepares the body and mind to learn aerial tricks. Now also available: Intermediate-Advanced Yoga + Play on Thursdays.